Our Story

Stella Scheduling is a little company that is passionate about simple, powerful scheduling.
Customer Experience

We want the experience to be effortless and brilliant. From creating an account to taking your first 100 appointments… Stella is passionate about making it flow with ease and grace. For your customers, who will ultimately be booking appointments… we think about the number of clicks they need to make, the amount of info required, the ease and simplicity… the meticulous details are the things that make software great.


We like beautiful things. We want you to love the feel and design of Stella and forget about how much thought and development went into making our software so simple.

We are focused on making the design timeless with simple buttons, drag and drop calendar functions and clean lines that makes a design special.

Timeless Solutions

Stella is not a fad, it isn’t a gadget for the moment… we have built a software that will be with you for years to come and will see your business through growth and success. Stella is built to be a partner for a lifetime and we look forward to being with you through every step of your journey.

Our Story

A Tiny Company with Big Aspirations

Our company is small, yet we labor towards a big mission. Booking appointments traditionally takes a large % of our available time, and we wanted to solve this problem by working tirelessly towards creating efficiency in all things related to scheduling.


When we started, it seemed to us that the problem was simply allowing customers to schedule online. That problem was solved with our first version of Stella … but the more we poured ourselves into the software and the more feedback we received… we began to see a bigger vision of solving the nuanced problems around all facets of scheduling for many types of businesses, non-profits and individuals. Not just for booking appointments online, but access by staff members, syncing with other favorite apps, taking payments, scheduling lunch breaks, etc. Stella software seems quite simple, but behind the scenes we have 6 full time developers, 1 designer and 4 support staff members.


Our commitment to our customers is 3 fold.


  1. Make beautiful, powerful software.
  2. Deliver customer service that is unrivaled. Access to our customer service folks is free, and welcomed. We can answer questions or set up your account from soup to nuts.
  3. Improve efficiency for our businesses by automating much of the mundane tasks they are accustomed to doing, allowing them to spend more time doing what they really love.


If we can deliver on those 3 things, we are happy and we think you will be too!


The company was founded by Casey Sullivan. We are completely self owned and are currently “Bootstrapping” our development and growth.