Learn how financial services professionals are using Stella to schedule meetings.

Learn how HR departments and recruiters are using Stella to simplify their interview and meeting scheduling.

Client Calls

Financial service professionals use Stella to give their clients a simple way to schedule a call with you. No more phone tag! No more emailing back and forth to find the perfect time. Send them a link, impress the heck out of them, and have a call!

Staff Scheduling

If you run a team or office with several staff members, use Stella to organize take appointments and centralize scheduling for the whole team. .

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In-Person Meetings

If your customers want to meet with you, make it simple. Allow them to pick a time in an instant, and it will sync with your personal and or office calendar. Never let an opportunity to be in front of your clients slip by!

Financial service professionals know that they best way to take care of their customers, and to increase referrals and revenue is to stay in front of them. So make it easy. Right?

In a Nut Shell:

• Instead of three emails for every appointment, how about 3 clicks?
•  Allowing customers to schedule a meeting with you in a simple way, gives you the chance for a face to face meeting while showing off your efficiency!
•  Customize when your appointments can be booked. If you want to schedule lunch meetings, you customize it to only start at noon. Maybe you want to schedule coffee meetings for 10am and 2pm, no problem. Stella can do that too!

Stella can help simplify the meeting and phone call scheduling process for financial service professionals, and give you as many opportunities as possible to build your relationships and increase sales.

Until Stella, however, the financial professional’s ability to help their clients in face to face meetings was hindered by the scheduling process.

Now customers can schedule appointments in just a couple of clicks with Stella.

Financial planners and insurance agents alike, are on average saving a minimum of three emails per meeting scheduled, and adding automatic breaks between meetings has increased the number of daily appointments significantly.

Stella also makes it easier to gracefully follow up with prospects after networking events. In the past, someone you’ve met might say ‘Hey, let’s get together,’ but if you immediately propose a bunch of times, they might feel overwhelmed… with Stella you can simply send them a quick email and say, “lets get together for lunch, pick a day!” and give them a link to your Stella calendar. Simple right?

Fewer emails, automatic breaks between appointments and customized appointment start times, allow financial professionals to save a great deal of time while increasing their meeting flow.

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