How Educators are Using Stella at Colleges and Universities

Learn how Higher-Ed professionals use Stella to schedule tutoring, advisors, and teacher meetings.

Student – Professor Meetings

Allow your students to schedule meetings with your professors and online 24/7. The professor can set their availability and allow students to schedule at their convenience. No calls, no emails. Easy Scheduling.

Student – Advisor Meetings

Students can schedule meetings with counselors, advisors, financial aid offices and much more with Stella.

Parent Teacher Conferences Booked Online
Technology Training

Professors and staff can schedule technology training with the school trainer. Scheduling with Stella reduces the amount of time the technologist spends scheduling and gives them much more time for training.

Public and private schools in higher education streamline scheduling for busy students and professors.

In a Nut Shell:

•  Empowering students to instantly book meetings with their professors
•  Increased Efficiency – No need for back and forth emails or phone tag. Students can make appointments with professors in seconds based on the professors availability.
•  Professors can sign up independently, or as part of an entire school account.

All colleges and universities in this day and age strive to instill in its students 21st-century skills: perseverance, lifelong learning and teamwork. But the average college or university struggles with scheduling routine meetings with students, professors, staff and advisors.

Before Stella, if a student wanted to schedule a meeting with a professor or advisor, they would engage in a typically long game of phone tag or emailing in order to find a time that works for both parties.


With this system, it was so cumbersome to schedule meetings that often the students wouldn’t bother, or they would finally schedule an appointment after a lot of wasted time.


By using Stella, universities give students the simplicity they’d asked for and are so accustomed to in other areas of life.


Studens can now schedule with any of professors or advisors  school wide instantly, even after classes or late night studying. Professors and advisors, could block out availability as needed. And with Stella’s automatic reminders, their worries about students missing conferences disappeared.


Stella sends the students meeting confirmations along with a calendar attachment that can easily be saved into the students personal calendar.


As well, Stella will send an SMS Text and Email to the student before the meeting (typically 1-3 hours before the meeting depending on the teachers preference) and this drastically reduces the number of no shows and reschedules.


With Stella, meeting scheduling has gone from antiquated to sophisticated. Students book appointments at their convenience, professors and advisors manage their workloads in real-time, and everyone is happy!

Get stated with a 30 day trial. Our staff is available to set up your entire school/district for no extra cost.