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Bookafy is a modern appointment management software which provides appointment booking for constant collaboration between clients and staff.
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Bookafy lets you and your staff manage your appointments and review your schedule anytime, anywhere.


Bookafy was made to grow with your business, whether you have 1 employee or 100! Bookafy is perfect for service appointments, calls, meetings and more.


Bookafy automates many of the tasks required to schedule your appointments and fill your calendar… including confirmations, reminders, reviews, staff scheduling and marketing.

How it Works.

Save time and money   •  Manage staff and services  •  Automate scheduling tasks

Add Staff

Bookafy allows you to work as a Solo Entrepreneur, or with 100’s of staff members.

Customize Staff Settings.

Each staff member can customize availability and services they offer.

Business settings.

Add your logo, contact info, and business details.

Create services.

You can create an unlimited number of services based on expertise, location, staffing and more.

Custom start times for each service.

Decide what times each service can start. You can choose “automatic” (schedule anytime) or “custom” which allows you to determine start times. Examples: Set your coffee meetings to only 10am and 2pm. Or New Client appointments only on Mon and Wed at 4pm.

Automation rules.

When should SMS Text Reminders be sent? 1 hour in advance? Or 24? You decide! Do you want reviews? How far in advance can appointments be made. What currency do you use… finalize your settings to make sure Bookafy automates your scheduling exactly the way you need it to!


Bookafy can sync with many of your favorite apps including Google 2 way sync, Mail Chimp, Quickbooks, Outlook and many more.

Match your brand.

Lastly. Customize the colors of your calendar to match your brand. You can embed the calendar in your page or link to the site we created for you at

Automate. Grow.

Now you are ready! Fill your calendar, manage your staff. Automate everything! Bookafy will free up your time to do what you love the most and grow your business.

Get stated with a 30 day premium trial. No credit card required.



Bookafy — Your Perfect Appointment Scheduling And Booking Software

Bookafy — your perfect personal assistant

Are you still using personal organizer or a written calendar? You may as well be burning your profits. Imagine all the time you waste on making notes, erasing, crossing out, making calls and sending reminders! And yet the chaos still reigns in your schedule. Save yourself from unnecessary stress and leave your everyday appointment calendars to Bookafy.

You will see the efficiency of this modern appointment management software in the very first days of use. Now clients that haven’t managed to reach you can book an appointment online anytime. The phone calls will no longer distract you from work and at the same time your online appointment calendar will be full with notes at the end of the day. It is like having a personal assistant working for you 24/7 at a fraction of.

Your customers will love Bookafy

Customer experience is very important in the service industry. Appointment booking software will provide the ground for constant collaboration between clients and partners. They will like the simplicity and mobility of Bookafy performance. After all, making one click is a lot easier than making a call: no need to look for office contacts and endlessly listen to the monotonous dial tones. Bookafy Online appointment booking software has a beautiful interface that allows customers to indicate the time and purpose of visit and schedule online at their convenience.

Bookafy online scheduling software also includes appointment reminders via email and SMS text. It reminds the customers of the appointment in advance to eliminate no-shows and last minute cancelations. Such consideration won’t go unappreciated, resulting in the appointment going much smoother than you expected. All the notes in schedule can be edited or deleted – all participants will be alerted of any changes.

Who could use Bookafy

Software for booking appointments is vital to any small business. Bookafy will save your business time and energy by automating many of the tasks that are required for scheduling. Having customer booking software module on the websites motivates clients to make new orders and increases sales and appointments. After completing a sale Bookafy will ask your clients for feedback on their experience. You will love all the positive feedback about your work!

Bookafy is already used by thousands of small business owners and large companies around the world. Booking and scheduling software by Bookafy is built for small service based industries such as:

  • SPA and Salons
  • Medical Offices and Wellness Clinics
  • Home Service Companies
  • Legal Industry
  • Personal Training
  • Photographers
  • Counselors
  • Pastors and Churches
  • Schools
  • And many many more

A Relationship of Benefit

If you are still in doubt whether you need a client appointment software, take a look at your old personal organizer. The answer is obvious. We offer the lowest prices possible while giving you large variety of plans for your small business. You can start right now and test all the features of Bookafy with free 30 day demo. And if you have any questions, our support service is always ready to lend a hand.

With Bookafy everything will go according to plan!