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Streamline Your Small Business Today Includes all Bookafy features for up to 20 employees, complete with credit card processing.

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Get started with your 30 day free trial. You could be accepting appointments in 30 minutes or less!

Free Setup Support

Yes, you can setup all by yourself. But, we can do it for you as well. We are available for full account set up, FREE!

Online Appointments

Clients book anytime for appointments during your hours of operation. Watch Bookafy work for you!

Staff Scheduling

Organize your staff, have custom staff schedules. All of your staff schedules in one place makes it easy to manage!

Staff Access

Staff can log in anytime/anywhere and see their own schedule.

Unlimited Staff and Services

You can have as many employees, services and appointments as you want! Bookafy’s here to help your business grow.

Customer Reviews

Automated review requests are sent to every customer for use on your site and across the web. If you don’t want your reviews to be public, no problem… you can disable that too!

Admin Access

Your company admin has access to every team calendar as well as ability to make edits, create jobs, and much more. While staff access is limited, admin access is complete.

Features? You bet!

Here are a few other features that make Bookafy great…
Google 2-way Sync

Staff and Admin can sync all appointments to/from Google calendar and Bookafy. Appointments from Google sync to Bookafy. Appointments on Bookafy Sync to Google.

Recurring Appointments

Create recurring appointments for your customers. Customization is unlimited. 2x per week, every other week, 1x per month… you decide!

Iframe Site Integration

You can add a link from your site to your private subdomain… or Iframe the scheduling tool right into your website. This is the most used and most seamless approach to scheduling integration.

Free Website

If you don’t have your own website, we will give you one! Your clients will have access to your information and they can schedule an appointment anytime! All Included!

Custom Fields

When customers book an appointment, you can decide which fields you want, and you can add your own. Maybe you want their birth date, or skype id… Bookafy allows you to customize for your needs!

Mail Chimp Integration

Automatically sync all of your customers to mail chimp for seamless marketing integration. No longer will you need to download, copy/paste. 1-click and its done!

Zapier Integration

With Zapier, you can integrate with Office 365, and many many other products.

Time Zones

If you are in one time zone, and the customer is in another… the appointments will automatically reflect the correct time zone for all parties.

Custom Staff Schedules

View booked appointments, who’s in the office, customer notes and accept payments in one sweet spot.

Constant Contact Integration

Sync all customers with Constant Contact integration..

SMS Text Alerts

SMS Appointment reminders are Free (I should say included at no extra cost) and will make a remarkable difference in your business. A quick reminder to your customers cell phone will prevent no shows and last minute cancellations.

Time Zones

We’re here to back you up 7 days a week. You can reach us by phone, email or chat. Please, always ask us when you need help!

Website Integration

View booked appointments, who’s in the office, customer notes and accept payments in one sweet spot.

Instant Notifications

You can have as many employees, services and appointments as you want! Bookafy’s here to help your business grow.

Mobile Booking

Customers can schedule via mobile phone, desktop, laptop or tablet. We make it easy for your customers to schedule!

Custom Reminder Schedule

We will automatically send reminders messages via SMS Text and Email… but you get to decide when we send it. 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours? You decide based on your business needs.

What’s Bookafy?

Bookafy makes it easy for small businesses around the world to enable online appointment booking experience for their customers, and staff scheduling for their team. Bookafy’s mission is to help business owners do what they love and what they do best, and remove the stress from filling their calendar. Bookafy wants to breathe life into business owners by automating appointment booking, staff scheduling, appointment confirmations and reminders… and asking for reviews.


Highly recommended.

Primarily through word-of-mouth, Bookafy has become one of the world’s leaders in online appointment scheduling. Most customers don’t see us or recognize us, but we are working behind the scenes to deliver a great scheduling experience for our businesses customers and staff. For the last 2 years, companies have been switching to Bookafy because it’s easy-to-use, reliable, and it just works. Combine the ease of use with our service first focus, and you can see why our business customers are referring their friends in droves.


A track record you can trust.

We’ve been in business for 2 years as Bookafy, but our parent company UberApplications has a track record of delivering great products to business customers around the world. We’re profitable, debt-free, and privately owned so we answer to our customers and no one else. Our job is to help your business increase sales and relieve the stress that often sucks the life out of business owners.


On the Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android and via email.

Bookafy’s at home on Safari (Mac, iPhone/iPad), Chrome (Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android), Firefox (Mac, PC), and IE 9+ (PC, Surface). Bookafy also integrates effortlessly with email from Outlook, Office 365, Google, Yahoo and any other email applications that recognize ICS files (most).  Give Bookafy a try – it’s free for 60 days


No IT Department required.

Bookafy runs in the cloud on our secure servers through Amazon AWS, so you don’t have to mess with anything technical. And with a 99.980% uptime record over the last 12 months, Bookafy is rock-solid reliable. If every staff member has a web browser or a smartphone, then they already have everything they need to start using Bookafy.


Who else uses Bookafy?

From counselors to churches, massage therapist, to small spas and salons, from photographers and chiropractic offices to mid-sized carpet cleaning companies, tutoring companies, marketing companies, and franchises operating in many locations worldwide, Bookafy is the online scheduling software for thousands of small service based businesses world-wide.


Any other questions we can answer?

We do whatever it takes to make sure our customer service is the best in the business. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, and often hilarious, you’ll feel like old friends in no time. Email us right now. We’ve been responding to emails in 3 minutes lately, so we’ll get back to you super-fast!

Give Bookafy a try – it’s free for 30 days