How K-12 Educators are Using Stella

Learn how education professionals use Stella to streamline parent-teacher conference scheduling and simplify ongoing staff and technology coaching sessions.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Allow your parents to schedule parent teacher conferences with your teachers and staff online 24/7. The teachers can set their availability and allow parents to schedule at their convenience for meetings.

Staff Coaching

All staff and teachers will have their own calendars that other teachers and staff can use to book appointments for ongoing training, coaching or mentoring.

Parent Teacher Conferences Booked Online
Technology Training

Teachers and staff can schedule technology training with the school trainer. Scheduling with Stella reduces the amount of time the technologist spends scheduling and gives them much more time for training.

Public and private schools streamline conference scheduling for busy parents and teachers

In a Nut Shell:

•  Empowering parents to instantly book conferences with the correct teachers
•  Increased Efficiency – No more double bookings, missed calls, emails back and forth trying to coordinate times that work for both parties.
•  Receptionist can spend their time doing meaningful work, rather than the mundane and stressful task of scheduling for hundreds and hundreds of families.

Most schools in this day and age strive to instill in its students 21st-century skills: perseverance, lifelong learning and teamwork. But the average schools parent-teacher conference-scheduling routine, however, is the same thing you would find in the 1980s. Pens, Paper, phone calls and voicemails.


Before Stella, a secretary would begin fielding phone calls and scheduling appointments weeks before parent-teacher conferences began. Equipped with only a pen and binder, the secretary had minimal ability to update faculty. Teachers had no knowledge of their schedules until the day before conferences.


With this system, errors happen all of the time… You put the parent with the wrong teacher, or double book the teacher or parent (parents with more than child). Errors were so regular and frustrating for everyone.


One thing that we also find to be prevalent, teachers wouldnt have breaks between meetings. If they scheduled a 20 minute meeting, most teachers would and should need a breather between parents. 10 minute bathroom breaks, 10 minutes to decompress or a couple of minutes to prepare.


By using Stella, schools give families the simplicity they’d asked for and are so accustomed to in other areas of life.


Parents could now schedule with any of teachers district wide instantly, even after putting kids to bed—long after the secretary had gone home. Teachers, now able to check their own conference schedules, could block out breaks as needed. And with Stella’s automatic reminders, their worries about parents missing conferences disappeared.


Stella sends the parents conference confirmations with all of the notes and directions, with a calendar attachment that can easily be saved into the parents personal calendar.


As well, Stella will send an SMS Text and Email to the parent before the conference (typically 1-3 hours before the conference depending on the schools preference) and this drastically reduces the number of no shows and reschedules.


With Stella, conference scheduling has gone from antiquated to sophisticated. Parents book appointments at their convenience, teachers manage their workloads in real-time, and the secretary, can fill her daily responsibilities to ensure that administration runs smoothly.

Get stated with a 30 day trial. Our staff is available to set up your entire school/district for no extra cost.