Learn how people are using Stella to schedule interviews.

Learn how HR departments and recruiters are using Stella to simplify their interview and meeting scheduling.

Informational Call

Use Stella to give your clients a simple way to schedule an introductory call with you. No more phone tag! No more emailing back and forth to find the perfect time. Send them a link, impress the heck out of them, and have a call!

Staff Scheduling

If you run and HR Department or recruiting office with several staff members, use Stella to organize take appointments and centralize scheduling.

Parent Teacher Conferences Booked Online
Recruiting Appointments

You need to fill 10 jobs with 200 potential recruits this month… Use Stella to seamlessly schedule your meetings and increase your productivity.

Conduct more interviews in less time with Stella scheduling. Stella will increase your productivity by automating much of the scheduling process.

In a Nut Shell:

•  Gain hours each week from endless emails and phone tag to schedule a meeting
•  Allow your customers/clients to schedule meetings online 24/7
•  Customize when your appointments can be booked. If you want to schedule lunch meetings, you customize it to only start at noon.

Stella will do a few things for your recruiting business, that will save you a ton of time.

Recruiters are typically driven and want to make things happen. They work hard and want to be efficient with their time. Hand them a resume, and in 5 seconds or less they make a judgement call. In more areas of their business they are Type A and super efficient, but their interview scheduling process is typical clunky.

Rather than ensuring that top talent was recruited, recruiting teams have to focus on low-value tasks, like playing phone tag or back and forth emails to find a good meeting time —meaning less time for interviews. But by switching to Stella, your company can create the streamlined interview process you need.

When it’s time to schedule an interview, recuiters can send the applicant their Stella link. Once the applicant schedules a time, the recruiter and the canditate get a confirmation email outlining the meeting details. Not having to copy and paste all of that information and manually send it to each person is extremely helpful!

The applicant also gets an automatic SMS Text and Email reminder the day before her interview, which has will radically decrease the number of no-shows or last minute reschedules. Recruiters can determine when those reminders go out, 1 hour before up to 72 hours before.

If the applicant is a good fit, they are invited to book their second interview, and the process repeats. This streamlined workflow empowers the team to hold more interviews, giving them more opportunity to fill their positions with the best candidates.

Get stated with a 30 day trial. Our staff is available to set up your entire school/district for no extra cost.